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Confetti Blend Sea Salt

Confetti Blend Sea Salt


When we made this salt we wanted a recreate the flavor of Salty Acres itself, featuring a rainbow of botanicals and sun sweetened basil this salt is ideal for use in savory and sweet cooking. its a favorite to sample at the farm on fresh cheeses, and oven fresh breads

Our Sea Salt is harvested directly from the pristine waters of Penn Cove & cooked on clay. All salts are hand harvested and filtered for impurities.

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ingredients: approx 1.5 oz sea salt, garlic, parsley, basil, rose, corn flower, calendula, marigold

produced by Salty Acres, 1764 Penn Cove rd. Oak Harbor WA 98277

keep in dry area,

natural salt pure of additives can attract moisture

if your salt seems moist place in oven safe dish and warm for 20 minutes