Salty Acres Whidbey Island Flower Farm


Learn more about our selection of cut flowers, edible flowers, sea salt, and more here on Whidbey Island


What we Farm



We take pride in growing the finest flowers on Whidbey Island. This year we are growing over 1,000+ Dahlia plants. We also offer locally grown filler flowers and floral alternatives such as apples, hops, bay, & berry greens. It is our commitment that the only flowers we sell are the flowers we grow, our flowers are grown using no chemicals in respect for the environment. From traditional cuts flowers such as dahlias to exotic culinary blooms we have a full rainbow of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you love a flower that lasts? We use natural heat treating to cure our flowers for a longer vase life.

Buy our flowers today at our pop-up cart currently at Seaside & Sylvan located @ the historic Greenbank Farm in Greenbank WA, Whidbey Island.


We are excited to be the only current producer of local Sea Salt on Whidbey Island.  Our Salt is harvested by hand beginning with the pristine waters of Penn Cove. 

The real magic is in the Mussels, each of our little shelled neighbors can filter 15 gallons of water per day! Our philosophy is simple, by starting with cleaner sea water, we end with a naturally cleaner salt. 

It is our promise our sea salt is never bleached for color or chemically filtered.

Request Our Salt at:

The Captain Whidbey Inn- Coupeville, Wa

Orchard Kitchen- Langley, Wa

Oyster Catcher- Coupeville Wa




We love to experiment with heirloom & rare seeds.  In 2019 expect to see a variety of produce options from us, from our infamous monster sized heirloom rhubarb to lemon flavored sorrel greens. 

We grow over 20 different varieties of beans and peas, we offer island asparagus, & late season berries by request. 

We also offer fresh foraged sea lettuce & sea beans seasonally.

All our produce is grown using no-spray methods.